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Beauty from Ashes

An unthinkable fate awaits thousands of horses who end up at auction each year. We go in to save them with our hearts full and ready to take on whatever new challenges they may bring.

Rehabilitation may be costly and time consuming, but it is truly what we have been called to do. Every one of our horses are rescued and rehabilitated one on one before they are utilized in our lesson program.

Our mission is to help horses, teach kids, honor God, and in doing so, make the world a little brighter! If you would like to donate, please click the link below. 100% of donations will go to help feed and support our herd.



Zeus and Hercules are Belgian Draft horses that were previously used to pull farm equipment and carriages their entire lives. They were partners in a working team and to this day still move in unison. One is never far from the other, and they are a bonded pair. These gentle giants are now fully retired and living their best lives! 


Jersey was our first rescue at King's Kid. She was very loved throughout her life, but by the time we got her she was just tossed away and broken hearted. She was in a communal stall with about 15 other horses and something about her empty eyes drew Crystal to her. She proved to be strong in heart and mind,  and in fact- she is now our "boss mare," the leader of our herd!



GG stands for God Given, and we firmly believe that to be true.
When GG was at the auction, she was skin and bones, standing all alone in a pen with no future left. We brought her home to live with us, but the vet said she may not make it. GG had very few teeth left & her hooves were rotting and full of maggots.
We got to know her bit by bit as she recovered, and she took 120 days to get anywhere near a normal weight- this is by far the longest undertaking of any rescue here. 
GG is fully retired and can never be ridden, but that's ok with us! Now she gets treats, regular vet visits, and unconditional love!


Tre is a 16hh puppy with hooves. He has no idea how big he is and is a crowd favorite here at the Ranch. An injury on the racetrack, combined with neglect left him hundreds of lbs. underweight and abandoned at the auction all by the age of 4. After a year of recuperating, stretching and regular exercise, he is now being ridden again- not for sport, but this time for fun! With his gentle soul, quick learning capabilities, and eager-to- please personality, we believe Tre will make a fantastic trail and lesson horse and he never has to worry about being thrown away again.



This is Bucky. Although small, he is mighty! He has come such a long way from rescue, and now is our first stepping stone to learning for our tiniest riders!


This is Pocohontas, when we found her she had been very neglected and was beaten so badly she almost lost both of her eyes. After we got her nursed back to health, she learned to trust again. Pocahontas is an absolute sweetheart with patience for days. She is building confidence every day and facing each fear with a heart of gold! She takes care of her riders and is always mindful of what's going on around her. Not to mention, her absolutely beautiful markings had us in love from day one!



Sakari was a unique case, she had a disease called EPM, contracted by opossums that made her too weak to stand and hold her balance. Once rescued and nursed back to health, she is now completely sound and has been an incredible mare that so many of our students have fallen in love with.


Dallas is just a little lady. Dallas is a gaited horse breed called a Paso Fino, and she's quite a beautiful mover! She is very fearful of almost everything, and we are working on building her confidence.

lincoln lesson_edited.jpg


Lincoln is the sweetest yet stubborn old man. When we first got him, he was neglected and dumped by whoever had him previously. Now, he is a total love bug, and is always the first one to walk up to you in the pasture. He has such an old soul, and the gentlest eyes. With his beautiful wavy hair and pointed ears, he is unmistakable!


Tonto is our newest addition, yet quickly became one of our lead lesson horses! He is a tried and true loyal steed! Standing 16HH he is a tall and handsome all American boy. With his incredible manners and great mind, he has blended into our heard so easily and is very loved!



We believe Black Beauty was used for Tennessee Walking Big Lick shows and is a beautiful mover with a stunning walk. He is currently in training to be the perfect "husband horse"


Betty Boop aka BB's we got when she was just a fresh little calf! Her mama died when she was 2 days old so she was hand raised and bottle fed. She has put on quite a but more weight since then and is one beautiful heifer!

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